Gasmoney Studios is a natural light photography studio and creative space located in Denver, CO.
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Gasmoney Studios is designed with every aspect of the creative process in mind, resulting in a space tailored to the fit the specific needs of photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists and wardrobe stylists alike. Below are the amenities we’ve curated to give you and your team the most efficient and enjoyable studio experience.


natural light CYC WALL

Perhaps the greatest pride of our studio is our cyc wall, offering a premium shooting space for photo and video creators. Dimensions are 16’W x 12’H x 16’D. Situated next to the wall are 10’ x 10’ south-west facing windows giving the cyc area soft-indirect light in the morning and direct light in the afternoon.


NATURAL LIGHt corner lounge

Directly in in front of the cyc wall is our natural light corner lounge. Furnished with a mix of mid century modern and Victorian decor and bordered by our 10’ x 10’ warehouse windows, our lounge is an inviting and dynamic area used as client seating or as an additional shooting area. Dimensions are 12’W x 16’D.



We offer two double sided (white/black) & (white/colored) movable walls which enable you to customize our studio to your specific needs. Use as a backdrop to create a hard edge with the floor, create a corner, add layers or use as positive/negative fill.  Dimensions are 8’W x 8’H x 2’D and bottom of the walls are 1” from the the floor.


HAIR/Makeup/Wardrobe STATION

We want every creative to feel right at home at Gasmoney, including those behind the camera. We’ve designed  a custom HMUA & Wardrobe area featuring a 13 foot L table complete with oversized mirrors, daylight balanced beauty lights, salon and makeup chairs, a rolling beauty tray,  a rolling wardrobe rack & steamer. We’ve also stocked this station with cotton balls, makeup remover pads, q tips, paper towels and lint rollers.